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   Therapy for individuals, couples, families, adolescents and children.

   Individual Counseling
    Juggling emotional challenges with the day-to-day activities of life is not an easy    task. It can be exhausting. Often times, people lose themselves in their struggles.
   This is a place to check-in with yourself. It starts with self-care. From a place of
   self-respect and understanding, great work can be done. My role is to set the stage    and help in the process of self-discovery. In a place of trust and respect, you will    have the opportunity to reflect upon the challenges in your life. We will then set
   goals and work together toward achieving them.

   Couples/Relationship Counseling
   When a marriage is strained, day-to-day activities can feel overwhelming. The pain    of not knowing where you stand in a relationship is very real, and can leave you    feeling exhausted, confused, and alone. Relationship counseling is an opportunity for    couples to build, or re-build a strong relationship in which each partner feels    understood, respected, and loved. In session, we will discuss challenges, identify    each partners needs, and learn skills that will help partners reconnect. We will also    work towards improving communication by identifying negative patterns of    communicating and learn effective listening and response. It is work for all involved.    My goal is to assist the restoration of a safe, healthy, long-term connection between    partners.

   Family Therapy
   Family Therapy provides a safe, structured place for families to work through    challenges, improve relationships, and open lines of communication. A common    complaint of many family members is that they feel misunderstood. In session, we    work towards improving patterns of communication so that each family member may    begin to feel safe in sharing. This new communication will give family members a    new found feeling of love and respect, and is the foundation for the family's success    as we work through challenges. It is my continual priority in couples and family    therapy is to provide a safe atmosphere in which every member feels as though they    are an equal in the "system" and safe to participate in session.

   Sessions are 50 minutes, and scheduled by appointment. In addition to daytime    appointments, evening and Saturday appointments are also available. My office    comfortably accommodates adults, couples, families, and groups. It is
   also equipped for Play-Therapy with children of all ages.

    For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (503) 544-1734.    

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