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Play Therapy

Birds fly, fish swim, and children play.
                            -Garry Landreth
   Children experience the same relational and emotional needs as adults, however,    children and adults communicate very differently. When faced
   with challenges, most adults are able to verbally express their thoughts
   and emotions. Due to age and developmental stages, children more naturally    communicate their thoughts and feelings through play than they do verbally. Using    specially selected toys, Play Therapy provides an atmosphere in which attitudes and    feelings are communicated and emotions and experiences are explored.

   I practice Child-Centered Play Therapy, focusing on the person of the child rather    than the struggles of the child. My goal with children is to provide a positive growth    experience so that they may be able to discover their internal strengths. As a    PlayTherapist, I am passionate about fostering a safe atmosphere for children in    which self-exploration and self-discovery build the foundation for self-acceptance and    self-respect.

   Please contact me if you have questions regarding Play Therapy and your    child.

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